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Hello, I am Joy

 I am the founder of Life's Little Joys Childcare Services. Let's connect!

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My Story

While Joy was young, her mother started an at-home daycare center named when her mother feared placing her children in a daycare centers. With Joy's mother's name being Joy as well, she named the at-home daycare center: Life's Little Joys. Our founder's mother operated her center for 10 years before returning to the workforce. Childcare has been a part of who Joy was before she began gaining experience herself. Continuing her mother's legacy is an honor.

Life's Little Joys Childcare Services was founded in 2021 by the founder who noticed room for growth within the in-home childcare industry.  During our founder's 10 years of working with children individually, she developed a passion and skill to assist youth with tapping into their own potential and guide them to become well-rounded leaders of tomorrow. With a decade of experience, she helped youth to improve their work ethics, stimulated emotional growth, enhanced academic willingness, and so on. The ability to compliment a home experience by being an additional support to children and their family is the focal point and purpose of her founding Life's Little Joys Childcare Services! 

Training Child Caregivers to build skills that will help them effectively and creatively support children is an honor that Life's Little Joys Childcare Services does not take lightly.

Welcome to our community!

Our Mission

Life's Little Joys Childcare Services is a luxury childcare service that aims to be a reliable support system for families. Our mission is to provide structured, safe, and fun childcare to children within the comfort of their home.

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