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Presented by Joy Johnson,
Founder at Life's Little Joys

Joy is an 2020 Alma College Alumna from Detroit, MI. After serving a year with City Year Cleveland, Joy found a love for the city and made the decision to stay! Joy's love and passion for education and childcare began the birth of Life's Little Joys. Through LLJ, Joy wants to assist in enhancing the education received at home and provide extra support outside of the school system.

Growing up, Joy's mother owned an in-home childcare company, Life's Little Joys. This company was created so her mother would not have to separate from her three children and/or send them to daycares outside of her home. During this experience, Joy learned the importance of quality and trustworthy childcare services. Joy has decided to continue her mother's hard work in a new vision. With the continued guidance of her mother, Joy is confident in the change Life's Little Joys will offer in its new look and new city.

In this information session, we will cover

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